Andromeda is a Multifunction Detector with Pulse Discrmination Detector as base

function. This is the high speed model.

1.Andromeda use a Detectorboard with own Prozessor and a embedded Pc.

The Operating System is Windows Xp Embedded.

The System use Intel 1.6GHz Prozessor. The Memory is 1GByte and a 4GByte

Flashcart for Data and System. This will be for thousands of Logdata.

The Diplay is a 7inch Colourdisplay with 800x600 Pixel and Touchpanel.

2.Function of Andromeda is the Magnoradar. You can connect the 4Axes differential

Magnometer. With the Magnosoftware you can use Antares as 3D Magnometer.

3.Function of Andromeda is the Vlfradar. You can connect the Vlf Sensor. This Sensor

works with Longwaves in the ground.

4.Function of Andromeda is the Gpr. You can connect the Gpr. There is a special


for this function. For information look to the gpr in this catalog.

For the future there may be more function add to the Detector.





Technical Data:

Accuvoltage                 NiMH 21.6Volt/2x4Ah Accupack

Pulsepower                  980W/yS 1100Volt Peak

Supply Current             900-1500mA

Display                         800x600 Pixel

Keyboard                     Resistiver Touch

Discrimination              Only Pulsfunction

Coil                              28cm Round

Option                          Flatcoil(50x50cm,100x100cm,100x200cm)

Function                       Pulse,Magno,Vlf,Gpr

Externel                       2xUsb,2xAccu,Earphone,Coil,Sensor,

Programport                 Sensorport

Dimension                   180x180x140mm




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