Prospektor is the power model of Pulse Detector with discrimation and

monochrome display.

The display is a grafic display with 240x128 Pixel and Touchpanel.

Prospektor needs the base supply voltage of 21.6V. The pulse voltage is 30V.

This voltage will generate with a stepup device. The maximum Pulsepeak

is 1100V.

Prospektor can use all Flatcoils.

With option Prospektor can be use with Datatransmitter/Receiver .

This allowed to use Prospektor with Laptop for Realtime scanning.

Prospektor use Gps.



Accuvoltage                           NiMH 21.6V/3Ah

Pulsepower                            820W/yS 1100V Peak

Supply current                        400-800mA

Chargecurrent (Accupack)     0.4A/15Std.

Display                                   240x128 Pixel(Led)

Keyboard                               Touchpanel

Discrimination                        Yes

Coil                                         28cm Round

Coil Option                             50x50cm Flat

                                         100x100cm Flat

                                         100x200cm Flat

Generell Option                      Datatransmitter/Receiver 3D Software

Accu Option                           NiMH 21.6V/4Ah












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