The Vlfradar is a passive long wave receiver.

The Vlfradar is a self-contained processor system.

The emitted waves of longwave transmitter can now use for studies of the ground.

You can also anomaly recognize in deeper layers.

In the real and imaginary part of the vertical field component in relation to the

horizontal field component, the data for the detection of the different conductivities.

The probe compares the air and the curb. Depending on the frequency and power

of the transmitter are cavities and all the metallic structures can be found.

The probe is vertically oriented. The radius of trace is therefore very small and can

be targeted to positioning.

In Europe, there are countless long wave transmitter the you can use for this


For use outside of Europe, the VLF delivered with a injector.

Thus the system is suitable for use worldwide.

This tracering is ideal for metal and cavity tracering.

However, it also applies here there is no depth specification possible.






Supply Voltage                5V

Supply Current                100mA

Vlfradar                            20-100KHz














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