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It was designed to see the underground and was charged to show the underground!
It is very good at perfectly performing the task it undertakes; perfection is in its nature!
Its task to find, regardless of in which environment and under what circumstances the sought
target is hid!   


Makrogrup practices a promotional policy to offer the products to the consumer with sensitivity and care through extraordinary promotions that are different from the customary methods.


With the transparent promotional policy adopted by Makrogrup, the company has been informing the consumers about all the features of the products, principles of operation and details. Thus, while the consumer gains information about the product on one hand, he will see and get informed about how the system works, how the settings are made, how the system detects the targets and sorts them, with types images and data the system communicates them to the user and all the relevant stages in steps.


With the opinion that this promotional method implemented is the best method that should be implemented and any other promotional methods result in the consumer being unable to access enough information especially in the detector sector and for the detector products or in the violation of consumer rights making the consumer settle for incomplete information that is not revealing, Makrogrup has developed the current transparent  product promotion policy.     



Jeohunter is a top model in our product range, which has high detector technology used for it and also superior features.

 Some of the features and equipment constituting the main features of  Jeohunter  are provided below.


*Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
*Real Time 3D Imaging
*Real Time 2D Imaging
*Images equivalent to GPRS Technologies
*Imaging the Target Forms From  Above
*Capability to Save the Target Images
*Reporting Target Diameter and Depths
*High Accuracy in Sorting Metals
*Ground Definition and Automatic Setting
*Proportioning the Target Intensity by Percentages
*Data Library
*Digital Signal and High Resolution
*Highly Conductive Signal
*Detection and Identification in Depths
*Real Time Data Transmission
*A unit that thinks and interprets
*Preventing False Alarms
*High Accuracy in Transmitting Data
*Perfect Communication and Operation
*Monitor that does not require a laptop


Large Colour Screen and Animations while turning on


Jeohunter turns the system data and images into a feast of images with all the details in high resolution due to the large and colour screen it has. All the user has to do in order to enjoy this feast is to turn the ON/OFF switch from "off" to "LCD". After it is switched to LCD, the animated images are formed on the screen with a high speed. 5 seconds later, Jeohunter logo is seen on the screen. The logo remains on the screen for approximately 3 seconds. 




Search Antenna Scan and Antenna Failure Feature


Jeohunter performs a fast and reliable data scan for possible user errors or applications left incomplete due to its high technology. For example, if the antenna socket is not fully connected to the system input at the antenna connection site, if there is lack of connection or if there is any problem such as a failure etc. in signal transmission, the system detects it immediately and informs the user about the problem as seen in the images. Otherwise, the user will carry out searches in vain with a detector that is not operable, which the user thinks is operable and sending signals, and more importantly the user will be unable to detect any targets that are actually in that zone or area and will maybe even lose the chance of the biggest finding of his life. Thus, it is beyond dispute that such an alarm system is vital in this respect.   







Jeohunter enables easy settings scanning the ground structure comfortably even under the most difficult conditions. It provides information by showing the ground data on the screen and then there is no need to make another ground setting for the same or similar ground environments. As may be seen in the images, if the operations necessary for the ground have not been performed or if a search is taking place assuming such settings have been made, then the signal will not penetrate or will be penetrating very poorly into the ground. The first image shows the display with no or insufficient setting. Then, as may be seen until image 5 in an order, the signal sent from the antenna will penetrate into the ground as the ground effect is made up for.   



The said ground setting may be provided easily in a few steps with the + and - buttons in the Jeohunter and as it is possible to observe whether the signal penetrates into the soil or not, the risk of searches with signals not penetrating into the ground is eliminated. The final operation of the ground setting made will be taken as the reference by the system and the ground effect is quantified in the display; so an opportunity is provided for automatic scanning with no need for the user to enter another ground setting for the same ground structure the next time.    




Note: Before entering any ground settings or at any position, the user may increase or decrease the "accuracy - sound - display light" settings or may benefit from the option to perform a search without seeing the invaluable metals by using the option of accepting and refusing the invaluable metals. What should be done for this purpose is to enter the settings by pressing the settings button on the system board and confirming with - or + buttons. Then the confirmation button is pressed and the general search mode with metal sorting is passed.  High Accuracy and Target Creation in Sorting Metals .





Jeohunter compares the signals from many different systems known up to now in detecting the spaces for detecting and sorting metals and reads the signature spectrum for the targets in signal structure and conveys the data related to the target in the most accurate manner.


Jeohunter creates the target form and has linear bars showing the data for 4 targets at the same time by percentages in a single display. Thanks to this feature, different metals and space and the gold and valuable metals in space can be detected and also percentage data is shown related to the target quantity by proportioning. The images show the formations, target types and proportions related to the fund targets.  




  If we clarify what the oscilloscope displays in the images mean, we will understand the importance of the oscilloscope displays better.


When paid attention, there is a white reference line extending horizontally just in the middle of the oscilloscope window and another red line showing the target effects. If the red line is below the reference line, it means that there is a space. If it is formed on the line, it means that this is a metal and the drawings for both the space and metals give the view of the target from above.


The valuable-invaluable space percentages above the linear bars, on the hand, give the results of these images for the width and intensity effects.     



Real Time 3D Images Equivalent to GPR Technology


As known, it is impossible to obtain real-time 3D images in many of the technologies known as ground penetrating radar systems. Moreover, it is impossible to sort metals.  Jeohunter makes real time detections and immediately creates images of these detections. Thanks to this report, the target types and proportions are also communicated in it in addition to the target dimensions.  In order to receive a 3D image report, the user needs to press the scan button on the detected target and attach the search antenna. Upon exit from the target, the analysis report with 3D image will be displayed as soon as the scan button is released. Analysis reports regarding different targets are given in the images.   




To make an explanation though the images and reports clearly reveal the results, red means metal; orange, yellow and blue shades on the edges of the metal, on the other hand, show the magnetic field and spaces around the target. For example, the first image shows the target being metal and gold, the other image shows space by 80% and valuable metal by 15% with it, the other image shows invaluable metal by 13% with a second valuable metal accompanying it by 66%, the analysis with blue image shows the space and the one next to it shows valuable target by 90% in space.      



 Image Reporting of Target Diameter and Depths


Jeohunter detects the diameter, size and depth of the targets in a surprisingly accurate manner and performs an operation that can is described as difficult and impossible by presenting a report with all the details and images.     





 To create a target depth report with image, the user should get the antenna close to the starting points of the target signal from four sides of the detected target and should mark the signal starts on the ground; and then should save the data relating to the width and length of the target that appears in the depth window, which appears when the depth button is pressed; the next operation when saving is done is to press the scan button, getting the search antenna up to the end of the signal over the target. At the end of the target, when the scan button is released, the relevant analysis report will be displayed on the screen in real time. The images show some of the screen shots from the help video file in the system related to the analysis reports for various target depths and sizes and also related to how to measure the target diameters. 


Saving Target Images and Analysis Reports


 Jeohunter is capable of archiving the analysis reports with images saved in its library forever in files. The user saves the images containing the detailed analysis reports of the targets that the user wants to save and is offered the advantage of watching and examining them whenever and in any wanted environment on the own colour screen of the Jeohunter with no need for a laptop or similar screens or apparatuses.     

The images wanted for saving can be saved pretty easily. All the user has to do for that purpose is to save the analysis report containing the images and details for the detected target by pressing the save button on the system command button, thus with a single operation. Just by pressing and releasing the save button, the contents of the saved images and details are automatically included in the archive and the position number is displayed on the save window. The user has the opportunity and advantage of watching all the saved images whenever the user wants to by using - and + buttons. The user may also delete the information in the records and may save other images whenever desired. For this purpose, it is sufficient to respond to the question "Do you want to delete?" by scrolling between yes and no using - and + buttons and confirming deletion. 








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