JEOTECH  -  ΑΝΙΧΝΕΥΤΗΣ  ΝΟΜΙΣΜΑΤΩΝ




   Jeotech is a useful, fast, practical and light device that has the capability to detect valuable objects in small sizes or coins deep in the ground.


   Thanks to its strong signal structure, it can detect the coins and small objects in the deep very comfortably. Jeotech can detect the holes, tunnels, cellars, shelters and similar environments that may come up when looking for holes.


   Jeotech  is a strong detector with various features that can locate and identify the targets in deep. Jeotech has the quality and ergonomic design to yield quite clear and accurate results in wall searches, rock searches, closed environments such as houses etc. and searches through walls. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it enables enjoyable searches without causing tiredness for the user. Jeotech is quite comfortable to use. 






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