trex 204 kl  
- συμπαγής κατασκευή
- λεπτό πηνίο ανίχνευσης
- κεντράρισμα στόχου ακριβείας
- υψηλή σταθερότητα σε ηλεκτρικές παραμβολές
- υψηλή ευαισθησία δέκτη
- ισοστάθμιση εδάφους
Ο ανιχνευτής μετάλλων TREX204 είναι η μοντέρνα εξέλιξη των κλασσικών ανιχνευτών, με περισσότερα όμως χαρακτηριστικά. Το νέο TREX204, με σύστημα πομπού-δέκτη, έχει ισοστάθμιση εδάφους ακριβείας και διαχωρισμό μετάλλων με ηχητική ένδειξη.
Ο διαχωρισμός αφορά στα σιδηρούχα και μη σιδηρούχα αντικείμενα αλλά επιπλέον υπάρχει και αλλαγή στον ήχο, που είναι σε άμεση συνάρτηση με την ποιότητα του στόχου (αλλαγή στην συχνότητα του ήχου, ανάλογα με το ευγενές μέταλλο).
The TREX® 204 was tested and used successfully under very severe conditions on difficult and highly mineralised ground uring gold detection in the Australian Outback. The experiments showed also a very good usage of the detector for interested Geologists and Mineralogists detecting metal relics and ore veins in old mining districts.
The audio metal distinction of this detector makes it possible to select specific small ferrous parts (nails or iron filings) and to excavate larger ferrous parts e.g. tools. Additionally one can detect accurately underwater from a boat a non ferrous metal object which could be a coin or also a gold nugget.
In archaeology the TREX® 204 is used particularly for field detection as well as for specific detection of archaeological sites. The detector also finds corroding ferrous objects lacking in substance. With some experience one can recognize certain objects by different audio signals. Depending on the detector adjustment even pottery fragments can be found.

For police usage the detector is recommended for scene of a crime detection in difficult terrain. The detector is sensitive so that very small metal fragments, projectiles, ammunition as well as buried stolen goods can be detected. In fact very small lead pellets for airguns can be found.
For EOD the detector can be used under difficult conditions for the detection of mines, UXO and other explosive ammunition.
  • Robust body
  • Slim search coil
  • Precise pin - pointing
  • High electrical stability
  • High sensitivityGround compensation
The Metal detector TREX® 204 is a modern style of earlier >hockey stick< with further characteristics. The new TREX® with transmitter-receiver-system has precise ground compensation as well an audio metal distinction for ferrous or non ferrous metal but frequency discriminator discriminating valuable objects.

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